The Difference Between Mindfulness and Awareness

Deutsch: Difference, Kugel minus Würfel

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Many teachers and many books talk about mindfulness and awareness as if they are one and the same thing, but they are not. They are, in fact, very different. So, what is the difference between mindfulness and awareness.


Mindfulness is the process of observing what your mind is thinking or saying. If you pause in your reading for a moment, sit still, close your eyes and just watch your mind you will become aware of the activity going on in your mind.


Did you stop reading and watch your mind? If not I encourage you to do so now – you will gain a very valuable understanding about how your mind works. And, as you do not control your mind, but are rather controlled by your mind it is very valuable to know what is going on in there. It is only when you know what your mind does that you have any chance of gaining control of the process of thinking and of being able to control your behaviour.


Awareness is the separate process of being conscious of what your senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing are picking up from the world around you. Once your senses pick up something they send the information to your mind to work out what you should do or not do about what they are informing you about.


Being aware and conscious of what is coming into your mind is also very valuable in terms of being in control of how you react to the information.

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