The Experience 7-Day Self Discovery Workshop

The Experience

7-Day Self Discovery Workshop

Stop all your doubts and fears

Find Inner Happiness and Security,

Start to live the life you’d love to live!

It is so difficult to discover what you are really good at that very few people ever find their best selves. This is a crying waste of human potential, not to mention a waste of people’s lives.

If you ever have the feeling that you could be so much more, if only…. but you can’t discover what it is that would release you from this prison of doubt and frustration, now’s your chance.

Come and spend 7 days with the best in the business of helping you unravel your strengths. You will discover what you love doing, you know, those occasions when time just seems to fly by, when you are totally engrossed in what you are doing. Imagine just spending your whole life doing what you love doing!

But it doesn’t end there, you will also find out how to turn your passion into a means of enjoying life whilst also supporting yourself.

This workshop is exciting because you will learn straight from the mouths of others who have turned what they love doing into regular incomes. The leader will explain to you exactly how he did it. And you will take your first step by turning your passion into an income generating idea.

Then, instead of writing notes about what you have to do:

  • You will actually discover your passion. You will see it and feel its power.
  • Discover how to turn your passion into an income generating idea.
  • Discover who needs what you love producing.
  • Discover how to get paid for what you love doing.

Say Goodby to Your Old Frustrating Life

This is your chance to end the drudgery of going to work just to pay the bills. No more endless, tedious meetings. Be done with Monday morning blues. Become your own person, free, doing what you love to do and being well paid for it.

This is what one delegate to our last workshop said: ” When I first came to the workshop, I was in a battered state of mind, and in, perhaps, one of the most confused phases of my life. However, within a matter of just one week, you helped me to overcome my negativity, dispel my doubts, and start enjoying my life once again. It has been a tremendous week for me, and I will be forever thankful to you for helping me to come to terms with myself, and to stop being “my own worst enemy.”

Your Passport to Meaning, Fulfilment and Prosperity

Many people dream of how they would like their lives to be. But few ever manage to turn their dreams into their reality. The reason is nearly always the same – they are caught in the “income trap.” They need a certain level of income in order to pay the bills, the rent, to buy food and transportation. So they are stuck in having to go on doing a job that does not fulfil them.

If this sounds like you then this is your chance to escape. During the 7-Day Experience you will be able to clearly see how you will be able to turn what you are good at, and what you love doing, into an income stream to support you being able to live the live you’d love to live.

At “The Experience” camp in India in 2018 you will be personally coached for 7 days by Life Coach David Ferrers plus a number of other top coaches. We use the gentle, yet thorough coaching process outlined in David’s book Create The Life You Want. It has been used to change the lives of hundreds of people from all walks of life. They have created their own fulfilling way of living life on their own terms.

What You Get

You will stay at a traditional beach resort in beautiful Kerala on the romantic Malabar coast. A typical day will be something like this:

  • Start with a yoga class in the sunshine or take a dip in the Arabian Sea or meditate.
  • Breakfast under the palm thatched roof of the dining area.
  • A short talk by David explaining how to find what you are are really good at, or how to develop what you love to do into a product or service that people want, or how to reveal who needs what you do, or how to price what you do.
  • This talk will be followed by coaching with one of the coaches or another group member to deepen your understanding of what you will do to create the life you want.
  • Lunch
  • Q & A session with the coaches to iron out any issues that are causing you to hesitate or feel uncertain.
  • Zumba dancing on the beach, followed by a dip in the pool, cooling drinks and dinner outdoors under swaying palm trees..
  • Practice everything that you need to do to create the meaningful life that you wish for yourself.

This is just a taster of how your days will be to give you an idea of the balance between work and play. Play is a really important factor in making you feel relaxed so you can release yourself.

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About the Atmosphere

You will be with coaches who will gently and naturally help you discover how to create and sustain the life you want. They will help you discover your potential and see how this could earn you an income from doing what you love to do – this is your passport to fulfilment and prosperity.

Yes, you will be enjoying Zumba fitness dances on the beach, and boat trips, and a day at an ashram with Swami Radhakrishna, and traditional Kerala martial arts, and Ayurvedic massages. All these authentic Indian experiences are designed to enable you to relax completely and be your natural self. This is the perfect state from which to release your potential.

We want you to have a wonderful experience filled with fun, joy and companionship but above all to stop feeling stressed and frustrated and start feeling that your life is meaningful, fulfilled and prosperous.

This is the perfect opportunity to start creating the life you really want to live. To revitalise your life, you career and your relationships whilst enjoying the relaxing, winter sun.  Escape the cold northern weather and take charge of your ability to feel confident and to achieve a meaningful life with the support of one of the world’s top life coaches and his professional assistants.

stop feeling stressed and frustrated, start being successful and prosperous. Bootcamp at cherai-beach-kerala

Five Reasons Why The Experience in India Will Make You Feel Fulfilled and Prosperous:

  1. You will discover your Ikigai (your reason to live) and how to create your personal path to fulfilment and prosperity.
  2. You will relax in a friendly, natural environment free from stress and frustration.
  3. You will overcome the hidden anxieties, limiting beliefs and self-images that are hindering you.
  4. You will create a clear vision of your way forward whilst you are at the camp.
  5. You will learn the secret of living life on your own terms.

In our experience India provides the perfect environment for relaxed, yet productive work.

What Will Change For You at The Experience 2018?

Join the bootcamp at cherai_resort and transform your stress and frustration into happiness and prosperity

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Have started to make your life meaningful because you will have discovered a way of doing what you love to do.
  • You will have made what you love doing into a product, service or brand that you can market.
  • You will know exactly who needs the product, service or brand that you love providing.
  • You will have a platform from which to market what you love doing.
  • You will already have started to feel the power of your released being.
  • You will be excited about offering what you love doing to those who need it.
  • You will feel confident and comfortable with who you are, what you are and where you’re going.
  • You will be a smiling, happy person filled with loving kindness.

About Your Workshop Coaches

David Ferrers M.nlp will lead the workshop. David has been a full-time professional Life Coach for over 25 years. He works frequently with senior managers in multi-national corporations in the UK, USA and India. He has spent his professional life researching, studying and coaching others. He is an expert at using the Meaningful Answers process to enable  his clients to prosper in all aspects of their lives as they develop their self-confidence, communication and leadership skills. David has written 5 personal development books and two novels. He will personally coach you 1-2-1 several times during the workshop

Alex Jacob is a full time personal development and leadership coach and trainer. He is the Principal of The Centre for Creative Learning in Chennai. He is a qualified NLP practitioner who works in Chennai, India. Alex and David have run many successful corporate workshops in India for Bosch, ANZ Bank, Axa Insurance and Pramati. This will be their second workshop for private individuals in Kerala following on from the successful Journey of Self-Discovery workshop that they ran at Cherai Beach Resorts in 2016.


Clare Evans is a Natural Balance Coach who specialises in helping individuals achieve good work/life balance using both natural skills and time management. Clare is the author of the books Time Management For Dummies and Working Through Cancer. Clare’s passion is helping people to manage their overwhelm so they create a calmer, stress-free, more naturally balanced way of living and working. Clare’s Productivity Days are used by business managers to clear their “to do” lists and prepare important presentations.


Join lucky people like these at the Cherai Beach Bootcamp and transform your frustrations into fulfilment

This is a great opportunity to dump feelings of stress and frustration forever – to start living the meaningful, fulfilled and prosperous life you were born to live – to actually see how to create the life you would love to live. And you will achieve this personal transformation in just SEVEN DAYS! Don’t miss out, places are limited,  book now!

Full details, including The Experience, India 2018 schedule, travel and hotel details and costs can be found here:  Hotel & Travel Details.

stay in a cherai_beachresort_bedroom like this at the bootcamp that will transform your frustrations into fulfilment

Camp dates 2018: start 09.00 on Sunday, February 25th – end Saturday, March 3rd.

Camp price: £797.00 + VAT = £957.00. Price does not include accommodation, flights, transfers, meals or visa.

Past Travellers: Anyone who has previously completed a 7-day Camp with David Ferrers in India and who would like to attend this Camp as a coach/assistant should contact David to discuss the way in which they might assist.

Limited Places: places at this Camp are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

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