Today I Briefed a Designer to Create a Cover for My New Book

You may have noticed that the cover design that went with the first article in this series that is entitled “Coaching Yourself to Create a Bestseller” is a somewhat amateur effort. I mocked up that cover myself so that I had something to use to illustrate the book. It helped to give the project life for me.

Today I decided, in the middle of writing a chapter of the book, that I would like to brief a designer to produce a more professional looking cover. I should explain that a close relative has recently completed a university degree course in design. He obtained a good degree. It is nice to be able to give him interesting work and also to have an opportunity to pay him.

This was what I wrote in my brief:

Hello Dan,

“My new book is entitled: “Coaching Yourself to Create a Bestseller.” 

“It is aimed at authors who have not yet had a book published or who have had a book published that did not sell well.”
“The book covers the writing, the publishing and the marketing of a book in a way that will get it to sell well.”
“A thought, in the back of my mind, is that this could lead to a series of ‘Coaching Yourself’ books, e.g. Coaching Yourself to Super Self-Confidence or Coaching Yourself to be an Outstanding Leader. Therefore the words ‘Coaching Yourself’ could be a logo that runs across all the book titles, front covers, blog banners, twitter banner etc.”
“As I am writing the book I am also blogging about what I am doing to create pre-sales.”
“This is my effort at producing a cover size 1,400 px wide:

Would you like to have a go at improving on this.”
I find that taking time out from writing the book’s text to write these blog posts and to do research helps to make the project more real and energises me.

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