Today I Started Marketing My New Book

I only just completed the Forward to my new book but already I have started the marketing process.

It is something of a drag to have to stop writing when I am full of ideas about the book, but I really do want to create a bestseller so I have to discipline myself to take time out for marketing.

Today I went over to Goodreads and created a page for my book Coaching Yourself to Create a Bestseller. This means that even though it is not due for publication for another 4 months it is already available for comments and pre-orders on two major internet platforms.

Then, whilst I was on Goodreads I researched an article on the Authors and Advertisers Blog about how another publisher (I am a self-publisher) had promoted a book called The Silent Patient to make it a bestseller. I read about all that they had done to create a pre-publication buzz around the book. I made a number of notes of actions I need to take and also put markers on my calendar to remind me that on particular days I will have to take certain actions.

Actually, being dragged away from my main writing task was not that bad because I got a lot of energy from studying what I need to do to transform my book into a bestseller. The research I did also provided a few hundred new words for my book.

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