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Do you ever find that you’re just putting up with today, that you have made today a time that you have to get through so that you can enjoy tomorrow?

Often Fridays are days that we drag ourselves through constantly looking forward to the weekend ahead.

But hang on a minute, if all of our Fridays are “not to be enjoyed” days it means that one seventh of our life is being wasted. Or, to put it another way, we are chucking away 10 years of our lives! Can you really afford to do that?

Often, when we’re engaged in activities that we don’t particularly enjoy, we can find ourselves day-dreaming about how much better life will be when this chore is over. Once again we are wasting precious moments of our life.

There is another way to look at times that we often look upon as being less enjoyable. We can look upon them as times when we can practice heightening our awareness.

Let’s say you’re washing the dishes. You can make a point of feeling the warmth of the water, looking at how clean you are making each item, listening to the sound of fresh waster rinsing the plate or bowl you are rinsing, smell the perfume in the detergent being used. There can be real joy in seeing the sparkle of a clean plate, when you look for it.

Or you might be writing a report at work. Simply by paying attention to the appearance of your work  you can get more joy from what you are doing. You can listen to the sound of your fingers tapping the keyboard. You can feel good feelings as the report grows before your eyes.

Just being in the present moment by using our senses makes good use of every minute of every day of your life. That way you will feel more alive, more present with what you are doing, feel that you are living your life to the full.

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