What is the best way to turn what I love into a brand

How to turn what you love to do into a brand that makes money, blog by Life Coach David Ferrers shows how to make money by leveraging what you love doingThis is about how to make money doing what you love to do. After all you don’t want to become like the artist starving in his attic. You don’t want to do what you love and live in poverty, do you? You want to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labours. You want to live a life that has meaning and fulfilment whilst being able to enjoy the experiences that the world has to offer.

I come across too many people who are doing what they love to do, but are stressed by the lack of money in their lives. This is how to make sure that you don’t join them.

Anything that you love doing can be turned into a means of earning a living. A friend who loved wine opened a restaurant that saved lovely, fruity wines and made a fortune. Another friend who loved helping people to develop their lives became a corporate trainer and prospered. The Apple empire was built on the premise of making technology simple for ordinary users. Emily loves horses, she got a job in a livery yard and became the manager in short time. David was only a moderate professional golfer, but he became the go-to teacher for other professional players and made a fortune.

The First Question You Need to Answer to Turn Love Into Prosperity

Answer this: “what do people NEED from what I love doing?”

Note well the word NEED! It is NEED that drives customers to buy. When prospects only want something they might be prepared to wait. But when they NEED something they feel compelled – they MUST have it NOW!

So, “what do people NEED from what I love doing?”

The Two Types of Motivation That Drive Customers

Human beings are motivated in two basic ways.

They move when they feel pain or think that they might feel pain. They will take action to avoid pain. Imagine holding your hand in the flame of a candle. As soon as you feel the pain you will quickly withdraw your hand. The pain is causing you to act. Pain makes people move AWAY from the source of pain. This is why migrants leave their home countries and trek across deserts in search of a less painful existence. They are not travelling towards the promised land, they are travelling away from the pain in their homelands.

The second type of motivation is pleasure. People actively seek out ways of experiencing pleasure. A young girl who has been invited to a party will see a dress in a shop window and just know that she needs that dress in order to feel like the stand out girl at tha party. A gourmand will see a buffet table and move, as if magnetised, towards the plentiful food. The Ebay business is built largely on people’s need to avoid paying over the odds.

You need to decide, are you going to motivate people by offering to cure their pain? Or, are you going to offer them pleasure beyond their wildest dreams?

The Second Answer That Will Transform What You Love Doing Into Prosperity

The next question to which you need to find an answer is: “How do I make my product or service superior, in some way, to the other products out there?”

Start by looking at the products or services with which you will be competing. Make a list of all the products you know about and then ask about each one: “what are they doing that makes people buy from them?”

Often it is something quite simple that makes products successful. With restaurants it is often the location and the menu that works for them. A yoga teacher I know is successful because her students like her (she smiles a lot) and she doesn’t make them do anything too extreme. A marketing manager for a wedding venue wins lots of business because she exudes enthusiasm for the venue. Alton Towers attracts millions of visitors because their rides are thrilling.

So, “what makes your product or service superior to its competitors?”

Make Your Advantage Your Brand

Once you know what gives your product or service an edge in the market you need to find a SYMBOL or a SLOGAN that describes your product and the advantage it offers.

For instance whilst the Apple logo tells you nothing about technology, it tells you a lot about Apple’s style and simplicity. John Lewis are “never knowingly undersold.” Estée Lauder offer to “magnify the beauty of your eyes.”

Just make sure that what you offer is believable.

You can learn a lot more about how to turn what you love into a brand from the Amazon book Create The Life You Want. Or you could join me and other great coaches and really commit to making yourself Successful, Fulfilled and Prosperous at our Create Your Own Regular Income 7-Day Workshop.

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