Turning Your Fears Into Positive Energy

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“One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to examine any recurring situation in your life that is causing you pain or struggle, and bring to light the fear that is behind it.” Roman & Packer

Unlocking a fear brings you tremendous gifts and opens up your potential, for each fear has buried within it many new pictures, insights and revelations about who you are and who you can be.

1. What is the RECURRING SITUATION in my life that is causing me pain or struggle?

2. What is the fear that keeps driving me to create that situation?

3. What is the benefit that I get from being in that situation?.

All it takes to release a fear is your willingness to do so. Fears lose their power when you hold them up to the light of your consciousness.

Recognise the fear and hold it up to the light of your soul. Ask your soul to release, clear and heal it. Release anything that is not for your higher good, ask it to release itself from you.

Instead of saying, “I am afraid of …….,” say, “The feeling of fear is passing through me and I now easily let it go.”

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