Who Runs You?

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You probably like to think of yourself as a logical, self-controlled human being. But are you?

In the last twenty four hours have you, for instance, suddenly found yourself reacting forcefully to some outside stimulus? Perhaps you received an e-mail which caused you to instantly fire of a reply. Or, perhaps your car suffered a narrow miss on the motorway and you instantly raised your fist at a fellow motorist. Or, perhaps your life partner asked you to do something that interfered with what you really wanted to do at that moment and you became angry. Are these the reactions of a self-controlled human being?

The fact is that we all have a “normal” side to our nature that is how we like to see ourselves and how we like to behave most of the time. And we also have an emotional side to our nature that can explode into life at any moment and take over our being.

The trick to being happy and successful in life is to maximise your control of your emotional side so that it works for you, when you want its help and causes unwanted eruptions as seldom as possible.

NLP can help you enormously in the challenge of becoming the person you would like to become. Study little and often.

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