Why I am Greatly Looking Forward to Visiting the Paralympic Athletics Tonight

XIV Paralympic Games

XIV Paralympic Games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow, only 5 hours to go until we will be in our seats in the main Olympic athletics stadium!  This is a moment I have been dreaming about for over a month since my wife and I bought our tickets.

I have to admit that before the Paralympics started I was a little uneasy about watching people with disabilities confirm that they are not like able-bodied people. But once the Paralympics started and I saw on television the supreme effort that these heros make I ceased to be in the slightest bit concerned about their disabilities.

For me the whole point of the Paralympics is simply that it shows what human beings can achieve. These games are a celebration of people who every day of their lives show what they can do. They do not accept that their disabilities prevent them from living full and active lives. They accept that there are things that they cannot do and simply get on with what they can do.

There is a lesson here for all people – don’t worry about what you cannot do, do what you can do and do it extraordinarily well. For those of us interested in Business Coaching this is a crucial lesson that we are always seeking to get across to our clients.

So, this evening as I watch the great Mike Weir chasing after his third gold medal in the 800 metres wheelchair final, and as I watch Britain’s Jonnie Peacock racing the phenomenal Oscar Pistorius in the 100 metres final I will no doubt be overawed by their achievements, by their courage and by the amazing self-belief of people who have the temerity to put their all on the line in order to show the world that they are proud of themselves and proud of what they can do.

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