Why Leadership “Made Simple” is the Best Way

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There are a number of factors that make for good leadership, but the trick is to keep it simple. So what should you focus on? Here is a checklist of a few essential leadership behaviours, made simple:

1. Always know where you are going. If you don’t know how can the team be expected to follow?

2. Communicate your objectives clearly to your team, and make sure that they understand by asking them questions.

3. Keep in constant touch with your team. Speak to your section leaders every day if possible – this need only be for a few minutes to ensure that you are fully in the picture and that they have opportunities to seek your advice.

4. Train your team members to think for themselves e.g.: when they ask you questions reflect them back by asking them, “what do you suggest?” or “What would you do?”

5. Walk around your team as often as possible, asking, “how are you getting on?” “Have you discovered a better way to do this?” “Are we still on time, on budget?”

6. Never miss an opportunity to catch your team members doing something RIGHT. When they do well CONGRATULATE them. Create a culture of pride in performance.

7. Treat everyone in your team like a human being. They have worries, concerns, interests, likes, dislikes, relationships and families. Talk to them about these things to build a bridge of empathy with each team member.

8. Remember that everyone has aspirations, learn your team members’ aspirations and help them to achieve those aspirations.

9. Create a culture of co-operation and mutual help within your team.

10. Whenever possible make work fun – relaxed people work better.

11. Be likeable, it makes it so much easier to lead when people like you.

12. Be enthusiastic – your energy will communicate to your team and energise their activities.

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