Wonderful Life - India WorkshopDiscover How To Live A Wonderful Life

Wonderful Life - India Workshop

Discover How To Live A Wonderful Life

Why live an ordinary, stress-filled life when you could be living a Wonderful Life? During your personal journey to a new way of living you will stay at a traditional beach resort in beautiful Kerala on India’s Malabar coast. There you will:

  • Develop your own vision of you Living a Wonderful Life.
  • See exactly how you can live a life filled with loving kindness and personal achievement.
  • Dump the negative, disempowering states of mind that prevent you living the life you’d love to live.
  • Master your thoughts and feelings so that they can power you to where you want to be.
  • Practice everything that you need to do to create the Wonderful Life that you wish for yourself.

You will be living in a relaxed environment filled with calm and supportive companionship that will free you to give of your best. This is the perfect opportunity to set yourself on the road to a serene and joyful life. Here you will revitalise your life, you career and your relationships whilst enjoying a relaxing, winter sun holiday.  Escape the cold northern weather and take charge of your ability to feel confident and to achieve a wonderful life with the support of one of the world’s top personal development coaches and his professional assistants.


Why India? Three reasons:

1. you need to get completely away from the day-to-day routines that are keeping you locked in to your current way of thinking and living. You have to break the chains so that you can start afresh.

2. You need to be in a relaxed state, in an environment designed to bring out your natural talents, to be able to do this challenging work on yourself. By helping the other members of the group your self-understanding will grow. By receiving help from others and from the resident coaches your view of your self and your capabilities will expand.

3. You need time to delve deeply inside yourself to find the hidden anxieties, limiting beliefs and self-images that are stopping you. You need to be a natural environment where you can escape from the ego driven fixation on possessions and other sensuous desires of the modern world. In India you will be able to give full rein to your mind power, to the abilities and the skills that will enable you to fully express yourself. Here you will also have time to practice being in the new state that will be your new way of being.

In our experience India provides the perfect background. With us in Kerala you will be able to totally chill out, enjoy an Ayurvedic massage treatment, attend daily yoga sessions if you wish, visit a Swami in his ashram, and go on boat trips, all whilst mastering the art of living, working and playing with relaxed confidence. Every day for 7 days you will become calmer, more joy filled, more loving and discover more about yourself.

What Will Change For You:

You will start by discovering how you came to be the way you are. Then you will move on to define what a Wonderful Life would be like for you. Then we start to work on how you can create that Wonderful Life for yourself. Finally you practice being the way you love to be until it seems perfectly natural and comfortable to you. By the end of the workshop you will be able to take your life wherever you have decided to go. And you will do all this within a few yards of a beach from which dolphins are often seen swimming in the warm Arabian Sea.


By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Have started to make your life truly wonderful.
  • Mastered the art of using the power of your mind and your emotions to good effect.
  • Know how to transform your thinking and your feelings.
  • Feel calm – in charge of your emotions so you can feel forever confident, sure of yourself and full of energy and joy, wherever you are.
  • Be relaxed – your body will feel relaxed – you will feel comfortable and at home in any environment.
  • Feel comfortable with who you are, what you are and where you’re going.
  • Be a smiling, happy person filled with loving kindness.

About Your Workshop Coaches

David Ferrers M.nlp will lead the workshop. David has been a full-time professional Personal Development coach for over 25 years. He works mainly with senior managers in multi-national corporations in the UK, USA and India. He uses his own Mind-Mastery programme to help his clients develop  their careers, self-confidence, communication and leadership skills. David has written 5 personal development books and two novels.

Alex Jacob is a full time personal development and leadership coach and trainer. He is a qualified NLP practitioner who works in Chennai, India. Alex and David have run many successful corporate workshops in India for Bosch, ANZ Bank, Axa Insurance and Pramati. This will be their second workshop for private individuals in Kerala following on from the successful Journey of Self-Discovery workshop last year.

Clare Evans is a Natural Balance Coach who specialises in helping individuals achieve good work/life balance using both natural skills and time management. Clare is the author of Time Management For Dummies and Working Through Cancer. Clare’s passion is helping people to manage their overwhelm so they create a calmer, stress-free, more naturally balanced way of living and working.

Andy Nathan is a 300 hour qualified Javamukti  Yoga teacher. Andy’s passion is to create a safe space for you to let go of the busyness and stresses of your life – without judgement.  He focuses on listening to your body, making a connection with your breath and exploring your experiences. Andy will be running yoga classes every day throughout the workshop – attendance voluntary – cost, included in course fee.

This is a great opportunity to have a relaxing holiday and, at the same time, to re-create your way of being, to make your life into the wonderfully joyous, rewarding and fulfilling experience you always wanted.

Full details, including workshop schedule, travel and hotel details and costs can be found here: Wonderful Life – 2018 India Workshop – Hotel & Travel Details.


At the end of this How to Live a Wonderful Life workshop there will be an extra 2-day “train-the-trainer” workshop for those who wish to become Wonderful Life coaches and help others find How to Live a Wonderful Life

Course dates 2018: start 09.00 on February 11th – end February 17th.

Course price: £997.00 + VAT. Price does not include accommodation, flights, transfers, meals or visa.

Past Travellers: Anyone who has previously completed a 7-day workshop with David Ferrers in India and who would like to attend this workshop as a coach/assistant should contact David to discuss the way in which they might assist.

Limited Places: places on this workshop are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Reserve Your Place: click here to reserve your place for How to Live a Wonderful Life, India workshop in February 2018.