How I Came To Write Ignite Your Inner Leader

The urge to write started when I was still at school. It has been with me all my life. I have blogged for several years and I have written a few, unpublished novels. So I have a history of putting pen to paper.

For the past few years I have been very busy developing leaders via my coaching practice. However, one thing has become clear in my conversations with leaders at all levels of business – leaders are readers. So I wanted to give them my wisdom.

But it is also clear to anyone who talks a lot to business people that there are huge numbers of business books out there that have never been finished. I mean that people seem to reach a stage where the book just bores them and they stop reading.

So, when I started to think about writing my book I determined to address the problem of “reader boredom”. The obvious answer is to fill your book with relevant stories – teaching lessons.

For me it didn’t turn out that way. I got so engrossed in developing my characters and my plot and weaving leadership lessons into my story that it developed a life of its own and became a full-blown novel.

As a writing discipline I aim for a minimum of two thousand words a day. Some days I write four to five thousand words, but in this case I had days when I just sat at my desk thinking about where I was going. This was not what I understand as being “writers block”. It was more like my brain needed time to process what had happened to my characters and to create the next stage of the book.

Now the next stage of the adventure begins: will anyone read my book? Will anyone buy it? Will they like it? The signs are good so far, but it is early days.

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