9 Self-coaching Techniques Used by Successful Entrepreneurs That Transform Failure into Success

Valuable Lessons I Have Tested Whilst Coaching Over 1,000 Clients to Achieve Their Goals

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When you’ve struggled and failed many times, like I have, you come to realise that you have in fact succeeded.

You now know many things that do not work. You have discovered that you possess the invaluable success quality of persistence. You have learned that you have the imagination to perceive new opportunities.

All my failures have been springboards for my success as an entrepreneur.

1. Always Shoot For The Stars

When you aim for the stars you may not quite reach one, but at least you won’t come up with a handful of mud.

Set yourself big goals. Make the visions of your future big and colourful and fill them with lively sound. Keep your eyes fixed on your vision and keep burnishing it, to make it bigger and brighter.

Ask yourself constantly, “What do I have to do next to make my goal my reality?”

2. Draw on Your Grit

Successful people believe they will achieve their goals.

Strong belief is often the only thing that will ensure the success of your undertaking. Never allow doubt to enter your mind. Doubt is like a cancer that drains belief and energy.

Whenever you find yourself starting to doubt ask yourself, “What is the polar opposite of this doubt?” And then take decisive action to achieve that goal.

3. Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty

It is near as dammit impossible to become successful on your own.

Hang out with people who can help you. Be consistently cheerful. Do favours for everyone in your network to put “favour credit” in your network bank account. Then, when you need a favour, it will be easy to ask, because they owe you.

Broadcast your enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is like the mumps and the measles, it’s highly contagious, so it will attract good people to you.

4. The Silent Power That Grows Irresistibly With Time

”Never, never, never give up.” Winston S. Churchill

You will encounter hard times. They are there to test your metal. When you blast through barriers and reach the other shore you‘ll enjoy feelings of enormous elation and pride.

Every victory over doubt and adversity will make you stronger. You will be more able to win the next bruising bout.

5. Become a Maximiser

Maximisers are driven by their inner need to achieve excellence in everything they do.

When you’re a maximiser you set yourself excellent goals. You develop excellent strategies for the achievement of your goals. Your focus is to provide excellent service or excellent products.

Take pride in the excellence of everything you do.

6. Drink From The Fountain of Knowledge

Behave as if your only purpose is continuous and never-ending improvement.

Learn and never stop learning. Make books and courses your friends. Listen at the feet of successful people. Success educate yourself. Knowledge on its own will not make you powerful, but when you put knowledge to work you will be ahead of the game.

Ask yourself daily, “What do I need to know in order to perform better?”

7. Always Buy a New Car When Things Are Going Badly

People believe the trappings of success are certain indicators of success.

Even if your world is falling apart act as if you are certain that you can turn things around. Never allow yourself to look beaten. Keep your chin up, your chest out, and walk tall. Shine up your face with your most confident smile.

Ask yourself, “How would the really successful people I know look when they had just won the lottery?” Then behave like that.

8. Dye Your Soul

Your soul is the very essence of your being.

Whatever you want to be you will become as a result of what you think. Your task is to take charge of your mind, to direct your thoughts. An unruly mind is a recipe for failure. Listen to the conversations going on inside your head and make sure that they are always positive.

Check in with your mind at regular intervals to make sure that it is directing you to where you want to go.

9. Become a Commando

All successful women and men are men/women of action.

They use their dynamic vision to arouse the power of enthusiasm. Strong emotions make them highly energetic. They use that energy to drive themselves forward.

When you feel your enthusiasm tell yourself, “I must use this energy to power my actions right now!”

The Advantages of Self-coaching

As I have written in other answers there is a strong case to be made for self-coaching.

  • The vast majority of the 1,000 plus entrepreneurs, actors, sportspeople and senior executives I have coached use self-talk to coach themselves.
  • When you self-coach you take control of your mind your most powerful ally on your journey to a better life.
  • Those who self-coach have little time for doubt and anxiety, they are too busy thinking positive thoughts and taking action to achieve their goals.

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