About The Coach and The Mental Golfers’ Squad

About The Coach and The Mental Golfers’ Squad

The Coach

David did not start to play golf until he was forty years old. Now at the age of 78 he is a top category player.

A Leader in Mental Programming

For 25 years David worked as an independent Performance Coach. He coached senior managers in large multi-national corporations around the world to develop their skills in leadership, communication, motivation and confidence. Throughout his coaching career David has been a leader in the areas of positive psychology and neuro-linguistic programming.

How David Developed His Game

David believes that every golfer has their own natural way of swinging a golf club. This is the way we swing the golf club when we feel relaxed. It is our own unique way of hitting our best shots. What we all need to do is to get to know our golf swing and to enhance it with good technique, without losing our own natural rhythm.

To develop his own game and that of those he helps to develop their golf games David uses a powerful combination of visualisation techniques combined with simple swing processes. He illustrates game changing processes with infographics (strip cartoons) and short videos. He also offers unique help with your on-course self and game management.

He sums up his teaching philosophy like this: “for a silver golfer to develop a powerful repeatable swing that produces consistent results the swing must be simple and possible for everyone to implement. At the same time the golfer’s mind must be calm and alert.”

Emphasis on Enjoyment and Consistency

He sums up his aim for all members of the Silver Golfers community as: “I want everyone to enjoy themselves when they step out onto the golf course. The game is much easier to enjoy when you strike the ball consistently well and play to your potential. Therefore “my aim is to help you to play to the absolute maximum of your natural ability.”

The Mental Golfers’ Squad

The Squad exists to give you the support of top class mind coaching as well as help from other golfers who are striving to improve their game. Our aim is to encourage you, to help you to improve and to make golf fun.”

We are all enthusiasts who love the game of golf and want others to enjoy playing as much as we do.

Each member of The Squad gets an individual Daily Golf Mind Lesson tailored to the needs of amateur golfers. Plus you also get weekly Course and Self Management advice. You can also participate in The Squad Forum where you can ask questions of the coach and of other Members.

No Risk Free Trial

When you join your first month’s membership is free. During your one month’s free trial your first lessons will enable you to judge whether Squad membership is for you. If membership does not suit you, you are at liberty to cancel your membership without any charge.

The subscription fee is a modest US$6.95 per month – less than the cost of a couple of quality golf balls. (This currency converter will calculate how much this is in your local currency – currency converter.)

Why not join the community, without risk, on a one month free trial today. Just click  through to the Join page.