Author DavidFerrers

Author DavidFerrers

You Will Be Inspired to Play Winning Golf

Inspiration is the power that allows you to stand on the first tee feeling full of energy and enthusiasm for the game ahead. That’s the easy bit. The truly inspired golfer is using their inspiration to focus their mind on creating positive thoughts, they’re calming their nerves, generating a good feel for their swing and visualising the flight of their ball as it travels its long, straight path to their target.

Inspiration is the feeling that enables you to enjoy your round of golf. It is the power that enables you to play at a higher level.

You will learn to feel inspired to play winning golf when you join the Silver Golfers’ Community. As a Member you will receive a weekly golf lesson plus a Course and Self Management Letter via email each week.

Everything possible will be done to help you to play as you would love to play and to enjoy your golf.

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You Will Swing Like a Champion

To become a top golfer at any age it is essential to develop a powerful, repeating golf swing. To help you achieve a powerful, repeating golf swing your Coach will set a pattern for your swing and then give you regular reminders of what you need to do to keep your swing in good shape.

The big advantage that silver golfers possess is the realisation that they can no longer use brute strength to power the golf ball. This means that we have to find other ways to win our games. The mind is our great ally as we now know our mind better than younger players. By mastering the art of using our mind we can play better in our senior years than most played in their physical prime.

Our unique way of teaching from the golfer’s perspective will help improve your game quickly.

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You Will Develop a Winning Mindset

To win at golf you must develop the ability to control your mind and your emotions. In our series of Course and Self Management Letters you will learn from a master of mind control how to:

  • Stay calm under pressure. Nervousness can scramble your thoughts so that you literally do not know what you’re doing – goodbye ball! Your Coach will show you how to remain calm and keep focussed even when the pressure is boiling.
  • Visualise and feel your golf swing. You cannot actually see your own golf swing, but you can groove the feeling of your best golf swing so that you will be able to repeat good swings when most needed.
  • Visualise your ball flight. Your Coach will show you how to set up your body/mind system to produce long straight shots.

Take up your free trial membership today and start to develop a golfer’s winning mindset, join today.

You Will Become a Master of the Short Game

Around the greens is where you can make up several shots every round you play. There is one outstanding fault that causes most silver golfers to drop shots around the green. Your Coach will help you master the terrorism of chip and pitch shots. He will give you the confidence to work the ball close to the hole.

Think back to your last round of golf. How many shots did it take you to move the ball into the hole from 100 yards out? Just saving one of those shots can improve your score dramatically.

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You Will Sink More Putts

Good putters are good at reading greens, both speed and borrows.

Good putters are good at judging distances and striking the ball accurately.

Good putters find good lines and strike the ball along those lines.

Good putters remain calm even when the pressure is on.

Good putters are patient.

Good putters are careful.

Your Coach will help you to develop your own unique putting technique that will enable you to become a good putter.

Take up your free trial membership today and get a great tip on how to roll more putts into the hole.