How Could a Life Coach Help Me?

When something in your life is not working and you can’t find a solution – that’s the time to seek out a good life coach. See – How To Choose a Life Coach.

The issue that could make you seek out a life coach can be anything that’s bothering you. Here are just a few of the issues I deal with constantly:

  • career frustration – can’t earn enough, promotion blocked, poor work environment, no job satisfaction, over-work, want to change career,
  • lack of money
  • redundancy
  • relationship issues, can’t find the right person, can’t get away from the wrong person
  • lack of excitement/boredom
  • the feeling that there must be more to life, but what?

How Can a Life Coach Help?

The difficulty with trying to solve problems on your own is that you keep asking yourself the same questions. And because you keep asking the same questions, guess what, you keep coming up with the same answers.

The result is that you go round in circles and cannot break out – find new solutions.

A good life coach will use their experience to ask you new questions and help you find new, workable solutions.

A good life coach will not turn up with ready-made solutions to your challenges. They will help you to work out your own solutions. The big advantage of this way of working is that you find solutions that you know will work for you.

How Will I Know That the Solution is Any Good?

You will feel the energy and passion for what you are about to do.

My passion is in helping people to create the life they would love to live. The first step in this process is to Discover Your Passion.

The reason why I start with your passion is because it is passion that gives you the self-belief and the energy to create the life you want.

If you’ve ever had a passion for another human being you can remember how your energy levels soared when you though about them, how you couldn’t wait to be with them, how you could not do enough for them. So, you know the power of passion.

Yes, But Will I be Able to Achieve My Goals?

A good life coach is someone who has already achieved many of their own most important life goals. They will be mature and experienced in dealing with lifes vicissitudes. They will have a good track record of having helped others. They will know how to help you Create Your Own Independent Income, or build a successful career, or find the right person. They will have ongoing support programmes to make sure that you achieve what you have set your heart on.

Once you really set your heart on achieving something about which you are passionate it is essential that you succeed. It is not going too far to say that your life depends on it. This is because, as Abraham Maslow said: “to be happy we must become what we can become.” Note, he said “MUST become.”

Why Most People Fail

To be fair, most people don’t fail – they just fail to get started.

Change can feel scary. You might be saying to yourself, “Where I am now might not be everything I would love it to be, but at least I know where I am. I can manage the status quo, so why change anything?”

Look at it this way: imagine that you have reached retirement age. You are sitting in an old peoples home looking back over your life. What do you see? Is it just a picture of years and years of what you’ve got now? Or is it the picture that you sometimes imagine of how you’d love your life to be? A life filled with excitement, adventure, love, challenge, creativity, fulfilment, meaning and prosperity?

The difference between the two pictures is up to you – you are the painter of the picture of your life. What picture do you want to paint?

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Anatomy of a Nightmare

The valuable lessons I learned by analysing a nightmareIt was one of those nights when you just can’t sleep properly. I had woken up at about one am, and then again at four am.

I really wanted my beauty sleep because I had important things to do during the day ahead. But I just could not get back to sleep.

On a whim, remembering my daily meditation practice, I gave myself permission to sleep for as long as my body needed the rest. it worked like a dream. I fell instantly into the arms of Hypnos the god of sleep.

And that was when the nightmare began. Well, no, it must have actually been some time later because the recollections were amazingly vivid when I awoke from the nightmare.

It’s like this; I run workshops to help people discover what they are passionate about. This enables them to build successful careers either as employees or by starting their own businesses.

The nightmare was set at one of my workshops. Actually I hope and pray that I never have a workshop quite like the one in my nightmare.

Everything was chaotic from the moment the delegates started to arrive. It seemed like it was a stormy day, and we were about to work in a large marquee. The delegates were all being buffeted around by the storm and I was sailing above them, using my whiteboard as my sail.

When we eventually got inside the delegates were very unruly. One man, who had been to the same workshop a month earlier, just would not stop talking. He’d gone from being a wimp to being super-arrogant, and now he wanted to tell everyone how great he was.

The other delegates became agitated and started talking amongst themselves. My tongue would not work, I felt powerless, unable to bring the situation under control.

Then a party started in the other part of the marquee. The music was so loud that no-one could hear themselves speak. I was paralysed. Not with fear, but with a feeling of inadequacy that made me feel like a soft jelly.

One lady, whom I knew to be super-efficient, took control. She marched us all out of the marquee and down a dusty slope to a grassy area under a tree. Miraculously the wind had abated. We sat down, cross-legged, in a circle on the dusty grass.

Soon the arrogant man started to dominate again. I went over to him and demanded that he depart from the group.

As I resumed my seat two ladies got up and walked out muttering darkly to one another. They were quickly followed by several other delegates who looked angry and disappointed. I could not find words to stop this from happening. Everything was falling apart and I was incapable of taking any action to stop it from happening. I seemed to be riveted to the ground. I shrank physically to the size of a garden gnome.

As despair overwhelmed me I woke up.

The lessons

By the time I had washed and was doing my morning exercises, I had regained control of my emotions. I knew that my upcoming workshop would not be anything like my nightmare.

So, why had the nightmare happened?

Partially I think it was a throwback to a fear of public speaking that had ruled my life during the early days of my corporate career. I have completely conquered that fear because I have complete confidence in the work I now do. This confidence is built on the success I have enjoyed helping others to improve their situations.

Later that morning, as I walked my dog along woodland paths carpeted with early winter leaves, I had a chance to analyse the nightmare.

Perhaps it was a wake-up call that I need more structure and discipline about the way I run my workshops. Not sure about this, because the feedback has been good.

Perhaps it was an expression of a need for more structure, organisation and control around what I do.

It may even have been my passion for helping other people discover their own passions expressing itself in a weird way.

I recognised long ago that I am motivated by having experienced massive improvements in my own life that occurred when I discovered my passion.

On reflection I think that my nightmare was so scary because it made me experience what it must be like to be incapable of helping people who had come to me for assistance.


During the 25 years that I have been a full time professional coach I have helped over a thousand people improve their lives. See what clients say about me.

What I can assure you of is that when you attend a Discover Your Passion 1-day workshop you will discover what you love to do and how to leverage that passion. And if you don’t discover your passion on the actual day I will go on working with you, at no extra cost, until you do discover your passion.