Your Golf Mind

Your Golf Mind

Your Golf Mind

The keen golfer reads about golf, he/she watches golf videos, watches professional tournaments and talks to fellow golfers. The keen golfer’s mind is overloaded with information about golf, the golf swing, the short game, bunker play and about how to putt.

It’s good that you’re keen. It’s appropriate to know a lot about the game you love. BUT information overload can be a curse when you’re playing golf. Your mind simply cannot process large amounts of information in the one or two seconds that it takes to swing your golf club.

To become a consistently good player you need to clear your mind of the jumble of golf thoughts and focus on just a few key points.

With a clear mind, a positive attitude, a relaxed body and simple mental movies of your swing and ball flight you will play excellent golf!

I will show you how a series of simple incremental improvements can transform your golf game. As a member of Mental Golfers’ Squad you will discover how marginal gains can change you from being an ordinary golfer into a serial winner.

Improve Your Game Like a Pro

Have you ever wondered why top professional golfers all have at least one coach? (Many have a swing coach, a short game coach, a putting coach and a mind coach!) The fact is that to play good golf consistently you need to keep ironing out your faults and making marginal improvements. As you make one marginal gain so something else goes marginally wrong. This is the joy and frustration of golf. It is also the reason why everyone interested in playing better requires a coach.

Valuable Regular Tuition

As a Member of The Mental Golfers’ Squad you will receive weekly visualisation lessons all designed to enable you to develop a natural, simple golf swing. Your lessons will come to you in the form of infographics (like strip cartoons) and videos which make it easy for you to learn what you have to do to improve all aspects of your unique natural game – your grip, your swing, your iron play, your bunker play, your chipping and your putting.

What is different about the way that you will develop your Natural Swing is that we do NOT recommend any particular grip, or stance, or swing. What we do is help you to grip, stand and swing in a way that allows you to swing naturally, rather than you trying to do something that only naturally talented, young, athletic players can do.

A Major Problem Solved

The problem with most golf instruction is that you are being taught how someone else swings their golf club. This gives the impression that they do it right and you do it wrong. No, you don’t do it wrong, you just do it your way. We start with the assumption that you have a unique way of swinging a golf club and then we help you build on your natural strengths.

All the best players have built their swing based on what they do naturally. Watch 10 good professional players and you will notice that each one has a very distinctive golf swing. However, each golf swing makes use of the fundamentals of a good golf swing. It is these fundamentals that we will use to help you to develop your unique golf swing into an excellent golf swing.

Mental Swing Rehearsal

Have you ever noticed that once you are on the course you forget many of the lessons you have read about or learned on the practice ground? This forgetfulness happens because you have not grooved the lessons into your muscle memory. It is essential to make what you have learned into a habit before you play on a golf course.

The best way to develop good habits is through repetition. This can be done physically on the practice ground or, whenever you have a few moments, by using Mental Swing Rehearsal.

Mental Swing Rehearsal is one of the keys to playing better golf that we coach in the Mental Golfers Squad. 


To help you to bring your “A” game to the course, you will also receive a Course and Self Management Letter via email each week.  The purpose of the Course and Self Management Letters is to give you tips and hints to act as constant reminders of what you need to do on the golf course in order to play better golf.

These Course and Self Management Letters often include the latest Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques that will make you mentally stronger so you can handle the pressures that golf places on all players.

Your weekly Course and Self Management Letter will also contain occasional golf fitness tips and hints to help you to keep your golfing body in good shape.

No Risk Free Trial

If you’re fed up with losing at golf join us today and get a one month free trial. You will get Free Natural Golf Swing Lessons plus Course and Self Management Letter that will improve your game instantly. Start your no obligation free trial now.