Here’s a Proven Way to Find a Fulfilling Career and Create The Life You’d Love to Live

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I am going to coach you through a powerful change process that has worked for many of my clients.

I want you to engage the power of your imagination in a very specific way. All you have to do is follow the instrctions.

Imagine yourself feeling really, really happy. No, don’t just read the words. In a moment I am going to ask you to close your eyes. With your eyes closed, I want you to search through your memories for a time when you felt really happy. You will not open your eyes again until you can see a time when you were literally jumping for joy. Focus hard on the picture of you feeling real joy and notice what you were actually doing. Take time to make the picture crystal clear. Fix that picture in your memory before you open your eyes again.

Don’t worry you’re not going to miss anything. The rest if this article will still be here when you open your eyes.

Ready? Close your eyes now and go searching for that Happy Memory.

This Happy Memory Is Your Launchpad for a New Career and a New Life

Now that your eyes are open again you need to check that the Happy Memory is still clear. As you look at the memory, start to feel that Happy Feeling that you felt during your happy time. Make the feeling grow inside you. Make it stronger and stronger. Come on, go for it!

When you feel so happy that your whole body is smiling hold your right hand out in front of you. Place this happy feeling, this Vital Energy in that hand.

Now close your hand around your Vital Energy so that you have the powerful feeling grasped in your right fist. From now on you will be able to make yourself feel your Vital Energy whenever you wish simply by closing your right fist tightly.

Try it now. Close your right hand into a fist and feel the energy.

This is Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Next, I want you to conjure up a memory of a time when you were doing something at work or at school that you really enjoyed. This could even be a hobby or leisure activity that you really enjoy. It’s OK, no-one is watching. You can imagine anything that you want. Maybe you’re playing in a band, or acting in a school play, or climbing a mountain, or writing an essay or presentation, or cooking a meal, the world is your oyster. Allow your imagination to run wild. Just jot down the occasions when you were happily engaged.

Do not move on until you have found something that you enjoy doing. Don’t ignore suggestions that your mind creates because you cannot visualise yourself doing them. Don’t ignore ideas because you don’t consider you are qualified. This is your moment to brainstorm. Let your memory and your imagination run free. Put doubt on the back burner.

Once you have a clear picture of yourself doing something you enjoy make the image larger. Make your vision colourful. Add sound to your vision. Put yourself right in the middle of the picture so that you can see what you are doing.

Now hold out your left hand in front of you and place your image in your left hand. Close your fingers around the image and make a fist.

Congratulations, you now have a Future Vision of what you love to do in your left fist and in your right fist you have the Vital Energy that will power you to do it successfully.

From now on every time you clench your left fist you will see yourself doing something you love to do. And whenever you clench your right fist a surge of Vital Energy will propel you towards your fulfilling Future Vision.

This is Where Your Dreams Start to Become Your Reality

Now you have to write your story. Open up a word document or a legal pad and start to write. Write in the past tense. You are using your imagination to write about your life as if it has already happened.

This is how to begin. “I can recall seeing myself …..(write down what you have been doing in your Future Vision)… When I was doing this I always felt full of Vital Energy.” Write on; describe how you were in many different surroundings as you doing what makes you happy. Write about the people who you were with when you were in those surroundings. See yourself doing more and more of your Future Vision. What were you doing? Where were you doing it? Who was enjoying what you were doing? In what way were they enjoying it?

By looking back on your successful life in this way you will be able to see everything that you accomplished and you will have a good idea of how you accomplished it.

When you finish writing your biography you should start to make it your reality.

This is How Shelagh Used The Power of Her Imagination to Create a New Life

When my client Shelagh closed her eyes and searched her memory for a Happy Memory she saw herself at her twenty-first birthday party. She looked and felt very happy that night. This Vital Energy would propel her into a bright future.

When asked to recall an occasion from her school or work life when she had felt really happy she remembered a brainstorming session at work. She had been with four of her colleagues in a small meeting room. She was taking notes on large sheets of flip chart paper. Every so often she would leap to her feet and blue-tack one of the sheets of ideas to the wall.

When Shelagh started to write her story she realised that she loved brainstorming with other people to solve problems. As she expanded her story she eventually wrote about the time she had spent in change management.

Shelagh became a Change Consultant. She now travels the world working on change assignments.

Now it’s your turn, start to write: “I can recall seeing myself………..”

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