How To Create a Vision That’s So Exciting It Propels You to a New Life

Visions that excite switch on resources within that inspire you to reach new heights.

To make your dreams come true you have to be so excited that you ride roughshod over everything in your path.

Most people only have a vague idea about what they really want. And that’s why they don’t get what they want. You can’t hit a vague target. Arrows fired at shadows in the dark are unlikely to hit anything.

So let’s get clear about what you really want.

This is where life-changing desires hide

What you really want is hiding in that feeling that something’s missing.

Get in touch with that restless feeling that makes you dissatisfied and you’ll notice there’s an energy there that keeps you searching and dreaming.

Have you noticed how often you dream of a different life? And, have you also noticed that the dream dissolves every time you start to look at it closely?

The funny thing is you can dive in and fantasise around the feeling. You can make up stories about what you will do when your dream comes true. You can wallow around happily like a hippo in a mud pool because you don’t have to do anything to make the dream a reality.

Sooner or later the dream dissolves because it is only a fantasy. You didn’t take any action because that would have meant cutting the umbilical chord to all that you believe keeps you secure. So you invent reasons why you can’t make your dream your reality.

But what would happen if you were to hold on to that dream and make it clearer?

This is what happens when you focus on your dream

When you start to paint your own picture of the place in your dream and fill it with people it becomes more real.

Let’s try this as you read along.

Start painting the picture of the life you want in your mind. Put yourself in the centre of the picture. Notice what you’re doing. Add people — show how they’re reacting positively to what you’re doing. In what way are you doing what you’re doing that it making them excited?

Notice how it feels to look at the picture.

Make the picture larger — cinemascope large. Add more colour — technicolor. Animate it — lots of movement. Grow the people, the movement, the colour — add the sounds that the people are making. Grow the picture even more ‘till it fills your entire mind. Grow the noise, and grow your excitement as the picture grows.

Success is now nearly within your grasp.

This is how to make your vision your reality

The amazing power of a vision comes when you focus your mind on your vision and don’t allow it to wander. That way you concentrate all your powers on creating your new reality. This is a powerful use of Mind Mastery.

You have to banish doubt from your mind.

Doubt is the greatest single inhibitor of achievement. When you allow yourself to think, “I can’t,” or “What if,” you will get lost and your dream will dissolve in clouds of doubts. You know this is true, you’ve done it many times.

Pause a moment and think about this:

“Doubt is only a thought. It is NOT a reality.”

The only reality is what you actually do.

To make your vision your reality you have to start taking steps to make it happen.

This is when to get started

Now’s a good time.

Your vision is vivid. Your feelings are hot. You’re full of excited energy. Let’s go.

What is the first simple step you can take towards your vision?

Come on, there’s something you can do.

How about you start to write a plan of action?

Get some paper and a pencil or biro. Write a heading.

This is how my life will be. (Note the positive language.) Write down or draw a picture of your vision.

This is how I will make my vision my reality:

Step 1……

Write out all the steps you can think of that will make your vision happen.

Important supplementary questions

If your thinking of branching out on your own you will likely need to earn an income so you have to develop answers to these questions:

  • Who’s buying
  • What product or service are they buying?
  • Why are they buying?
  • How much are they paying?
  • Is it enough to sustain you? If not you may need to improve your offering or find an alternative.

This is why you need to get going

You were attracted to read this article because you want to a new life.

You are fed up with the way your life is now. You are wasting your talents and abilities. You are spending your time doing things that bore you. You’re just stuck in a rut and it feels frustrating.

The thing is that nothing will change until you do something about it.

“If you always do what you have always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Henry Ford

You’re stuck and you’re the only one who can get you out of the rut. And the only way out of your rut is to do something different to what you do now.

You now have a vision. Start to act.

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