Why It’s Essential That You Rebel

You will release unimaginable power. All you have to do is stop trying to be conventional. Stop trying to be what you think you ought to be. Stop trying to be a version of yourself that you think other people expect of you. Stop trying to be the person that your family and your school tried to mold you to be. Break out, just be yourself. You will feel wonderfully free. The energy will bubble up inside of you.

I know what it’s like to be less than one hundred percent happy with your life. I know the feeling that “everything’s OK – just, but something’s missing. I feel that there’s something more out there for me. It’s just that I can’t quite see what it is. I wish I could.”

Been there, got the scars. But I found a way to be myself, to express who I am. Now I enjoy a fulfilling, prosperous and happy life. This is how I did it.

You Will Have Amazing Energy

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This sounds so incredibly simple I can’t imagine why it took me more than half a lifetime. It annoys me that it took me so long to discover the source of my energy. And, even more annoying, was the fact that the answer had been right under my nose all the time.

And discovering the source of my energy turned out to not be the full answer. I also had to find a way to release all that pent-up energy. And then I had to work out how to make money from the source of my energy.

I couldn’t wait to get started.

My First Important Discovery

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You have to do what you enjoy. You just have so much more energy when you are having fun. And that energy drives you to succeed.

If you’re trying to figure out what you should be doing, stop beating your head against the wall. Just notice when you feel happy.

Yes, OK, I’ve got it. You want to know, “What if I never feel happy?” The answer is, “Try doing different things until you notice that you are feeling happy.”

Oh, so you can’t figure out how that might work. Let me tell you, briefly, about a couple of the things that worked for some of my clients.

Alan was so pissed off he decided the only way he could relieve the tension was to go to a movie. When he came out of the cinema his girlfriend asked, “What did you think of the movie?” As he talked about the movie he suddenly realised that he was enjoying the process of thinking of what to say. He became a movie critic.

Julie, baking a cake for a big family reunion. At first, she was grumpy, “Why am I always the one who’s asked to bake the cakes?” Then she realised that she was asked because everyone in the family realised that she was good at baking. Then it dawned on her that she was actually quite happy when she was covered in flour. And then it occurred to her that people liked her cakes and trusted her to bake good cakes. Yes, you guessed it, she now owns and runs a very successful patisserie.

The secret of both Alan and Julie’s success was that they noticed what they enjoyed.

I would work until my back and neck pained me so much that I was forced to stop.

A Lifetime of Failures Provided The Foundations for My Success

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The trick is to fail in the right way.

I advise all my clients to never worry about failing. The important rule is to learn the lessons. I built a vast library of knowledge from the lessons I learned every time I failed. All that accumulated learning gave me

I have been a life coach for over twenty five years. In that time I have coached over one thousand clients. That’s a lot of learning. I enjoy coaching people because it’s inspiring the way that they develop. but I have always had the feeling that there was something more that I should be doing.

Life coaches, like many other independent small business owners, have a constant need for new clients. I get most of my clients from personal recommendations and from my website. Because I can’t afford to constantly pay experts to do my technology for me I have had to learn how to refurbish my website from time to time. This has made me internet savvy.

It happens regularly that I am distracted by new ideas. These aren’t necessarily new, new ideas, they’re just ideas that are new to me. Ideas excite me and I find it difficult to not pursue anything that seems exciting to me.

The result is that, over the years, I have pursued lots of ideas. Very often the idea I am pursuing turns out to be a dead end, or I just lose interest. I have noticed that I tend to lose interest when I realise that an idea I am pursuing is just “not me.” This is why I have failed so many times.

It is also why I know about a lot of different things.

The Help That Proved Invaluable – It Powered My Success

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I suppose that what it really amounted to was a change of attitude.

Instead of thinking that I could do it all on my own, I started to reach out to other people and ask for help. I would ask, “how do you do that?” And, amazingly, I found that people were prepared to tell me. Their generosity astounded me.

I discovered that the internet is populated by literally hundreds, possibly thousands of people who are really helpful. The best part was that much of the help I got was free. Yes, I have paid for some of the most important advice and help I have received, but then there really is no such thing as a free dinner. If you want help from the best people you have to realise that they have invested a lot of time and sweat in becoming the best, so you have to compensate them for their effort.

The best part was that I discovered that I am one of those thousands of people out there who is prepared to help others. In fact, I really enjoy helping other people. It makes me realise that I have value. It makes me feel good, even when they can’t be bothered to say “thank you.” But actually, most people do take the trouble to thank you.

It was when I started to help people for free that I discovered my private gold mine.

The secret is that the help you give has to be valuable. And that is where all my failures have proved invaluable. I just know about a lot of things that I can help people with.

What’s Different Now?

The difference is that I now write a lot more about what I know. I answer people’s questions. Instead of coaching people one-to-one in one-hour sessions I simply write my answers for people.

I am still a coach. But I spend my time writing and running workshops to encourage people to break free, to find ways to express themselves and, above all, to be themselves. As you now know from what you have read so far, this worked for me. It can work for you too. It is the secret of releasing your full potential so that you can enjoy that wonderful feeling of fulfilment that comes when you express yourself. It is also the secret of prosperity. Ultimately it is the secret that will make you happy.

This Bit’s About How I Can Help You

I write about what works based on what I have learned during 10,000 hours of Life Coaching and on my personal life experiences. 95% of my clients are recommended by happy former clients. I am a $ Million Entrepreneur. Hang around with me, become a Rebel and I’ll let you know whenever I write anything new. Join the revolution below.

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