Know Your Values – You’ll Achieve More

Study this list of values below. Make a note of the values that are important to you. These will be the values that motivate you. You will find that your energy levels increase when your actions are motivated by a value that you consider important.

*Authenticity *Belief *Career *Continuous Improvement *Courage *Creativity *Curiosity *Decisiveness *Determination *Diet *Empathy *Enthusiasm *Excellence *Exercise *Fairness *Family *Feedback *Friendship *Generosity *Gratitude *Growth *Hard Work *Health *Honesty *Humanity *Humility * Humour *Independence *Innovation *Kindness *Learning *Love *Loyalty *Luck *Myself *Now *Persistence *Pets *Purpose *Relationships *Simplicity *Thoroughness *Thought *Tolerance *Trust (add more of your values to this list.)

You will notice that when you are conscious that your actions are being influenced by one of your values you feel more comfortable. You will also notice that you have more energy.

Using Your Values to Achieve More

When you make yourself aware, in the course of any activity, of what value is driving your thoughts and actions and you really hold that value at the top of your mind, you will feel good about what you are doing. You will also feel more confident that what you are doing matters. This gives your actions a sense of purpose.

How do you make yourself aware of the value that is driving you? You have to develop the habit of checking in with your values from time to time during the day. This is especially valuable when you are engaged in some activity that is of real importance to you. Perhaps you are chairing a meeting about a staff disciplinary matter. Ask yourself: “Which of my values is most important to hold top of my mind during this discussion? Is is fairness, or tolerance, or trust, or loyalty, or relationships?”

Or perhaps you are working late at night to finish an important presentation that you have to deliver to senior management tomorrow morning. “What value is most important is it excellence, or determination, or persistence?”

Or perhaps a friend is asking for your advice, “Which of your values is most important in this situation? Is it honesty, or friendship, or courage, or loyalty?”

Using Your Values to Set Goals

When you need to set a goal you can make the goal more meaningful if you coordinate what you want to achieve with your values and beliefs. If the goal is aligned with one of your values you are likely to pursue it with vigour. When you write down your goal make a note of the value that is driving you to achieve that goal.

If a goal is contrary to your values or beliefs it is unlikely that you will pursue that goal with persistence and enthusiasm.

From the list above choose your top ten values, write them down and carry your personal list with you for a month – read regularly.

Your Values Mantra

“What value or belief do I have to hold in this situation in order to improve my performance?”

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