Millionaires Success Roadmap That You Can Follow

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If you’re not as successful as you’d like to be it’s probably because you are not using a Millionaires Success Roadmap. That can be easily fixed.

I have coached over 1,000 people face to face, many of them are millionaires. During our intimate discussions, I noticed patterns in the behaviour of these high achievers. I moulded these patterns together into a success formula for all my clients to use. I call it the Millionaires Success Roadmap. This is how you can follow the same path.

How Do I Follow The Millionaires Success Roadmap to Become Successful?

I have formulated the Millionaires Success Roadmap into 7 simple steps to make it easy to follow. First I will show you the steps. I will ask you the questions that I ask when I am coaching clients to become successful. Then I will tell you how my most successful clients implement each step. Finally, I will show you how to answer.

Here are the steps to success that will make you successful:

  1. Find something that excites you and that you enjoy doing.
  2. Make what you enjoy doing into a product or service.
  3. Become an expert on your product or service. What makes it work? What makes it valuable? How can it be made to benefit others? How can you make it valuable? How can you make it desirable?
  4. Find out who wants, needs or desires your product or service. Where are they? Where do they get the information they need?
  5. Enlist your emotions to energise you. Get excited! High emotion is contagious, your excitement will excite others. The energy will propel you forward to success.
  6. Create your personal roadmap.
  7. Take action!

What Excites You?

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Your success depends on you expressing yourself. You have to do something that you really enjoy, something that really excites you. You have more purpose and energy when you’re excited and enjoying yourself.

What do you enjoy? Notice when you feel happy, who are you with, what you are doing. Notice when you feel full of excitement and energy, like when you’re at a live event. What are the situations or events that fill you with excitement and energy?

Make lists of everything that makes you feel happy and the events or situations that make you fizz with energy.

Check: do you feel excited when you visualise yourself doing anything on your lists? If you don’t feel any excitement you need to go on noticing your feelings and making lists.

It is only when you notice a heightened level of excitement that you can be sure that you are on the right track. You have reached the start of your personal success roadmap.

The moment you notice that you are excited about your new direction I encourage you to start seeing yourself as a Rebel. More about this in a moment.

How Do I Make What I Enjoy Doing into a Product or Service?

Piggy-back; ask yourself, “who is doing what I enjoy doing and earning good money? What exactly are they doing? Where are they doing it?” Then imagine yourself doing something similar. What would your job title be?

Then ask yourself, “What can I do better than other people with this job title?” Do some research. Look for what customers complain about in this market. How can you fix their complaints?

Your fix is your fortune!

Successful people often think of themselves as a brand. This is one of the key strategies on the Millionaires Success Roadmap. When you invest your time and energy in building up your reputation you are making it easier to influence your followers down the line. You are investing in future free dividends.

People buy brands with good reputations, brands that they recognise and trust. When you invest in building a brand you are building a home for your good reputation. By accumulating a reputation you make yourself easier to remember for all the good that you have done.

When you put everything you do into accumulating a good reputation for your brand you are making it easier for clients to buy from you. In this way all of your efforts are creating future dividends for you.

The essential first step is to get people to sample your product or service. This is why the internet overflows with free offers. What will you offer to get people to sample your brand?

How Do I Become an Expert?

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All the experts I have ever coached are constantly building their knowledge base. They never stop learning. They track what others are doing.They are students of what works well. They are aware of what people admire.

Seeing yourself as a Rebel will release you to express yourself. Rebels are not confined by rules and regulations. Rules and regs are for ordinary people, you need to be extra-ordinary – prepared to break the rules. Rebels are unconventional and original. Rebels say what they think. Rebels have fun, they enjoy life. break the rules. You don’t want to be ordinary, you want to be outstanding.

People in the know value creative, original thinkers. They’re aware that new ideas, new directions and breakthroughs come from original thinkers.

Notice how many of the successful technology companies were started by creative, original thinker rebels like Steve Jobs, Ev Williams, Elon Musk and Bill Gates. None of these originals created their billion-dollar empires within the confined environments of procedure-driven corporations.

Matthew Syed, the author or Rebel Ideas, says: “Dynamism comes from the challenge of new ideas, from outsiders defying the status quo, from ‘creative destruction’. This is also what drives meritocracy and other blessings.”

Your aim is to be exciting. To express your energy. To be creative and original. To broadcast your excitement and energy so that other people catch your excitement and want to be with you. Exciting other people will help you build your support network.

Don’t be timid about being outstanding or being different. Such fears relate to the fear of not being accepted as one of the tribe. This fear can make you feel insecure. You don’t need to feel insecure because you are already becoming successful.

Never, never, never be ordinary – no-one remembers ordinary people. Know that you are the product. You have to develop the product into something that is saleable, something that people want, need or desire.

Your job is to become a brand with a reputation for doing what you say on the tin. You have to be reliable and trustworthy. Do this and you will have substance, value and desirability. People buy products. They trust brands. Create Desire for your product or service. Position your brand as the solution. Make is sexy, desirable!

How Do I Work Out Who Wants My Product or Service?

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Look for suffering and pain. Anyone who is suffering from a pain that your product or service can cure needs what you are offering. You have to think of your product or service as providing a cure for this pain.

Here are a few of the pains for which cures are needed. Falling sales, poverty, unloved, failure, unrecognised, unfulfilled, lack, loss. This is why money is made by marketing agents, get rich quick schemes, dating apps, success schemes, PR agents, career development agents, and insurance companies.

Think of someone you know who suffers from this pain. Talk to that person in a very personal way. Address them in a way that you would talk to them about their pain and the solution that you offer. Keep that person always in your mind. This person is your Target Audience.

Ask yourself: “Where is the surgery or dispensary that the sufferers I want to cure attend? What media do they watch, read or listen to? Who do they ask for help? Where do they hang out? Where must I go to meet someone with the ailment that my product or service cures?

The best marketing advice I was ever given was, “Go stand in the traffic.” In other words, spend time where your potential customers hang out.

Be present in the places where your customers spend their time and money. You can have the best product or service in the world but if no-one knows about it you will never earn from it.

Get out there where the traffic is heavy with people who want, need or desire your product or service and let them know how wonderful your product or service is.

Check question: do enough people in this category want a product or service like mine?

How Do I Generate The Energy to Ensure My Success?

Make your product sexy. Fall in love with what you are doing. Make your product or service so desirable that you fall in love with it yourself. Allow your enthusiasm to flow.

The danger you face is DOuBT. The moment you start to question what you are doing you can start to feel anxious about what people will think? Anxious about whether you will succeed? Anxious about the cost involved. Any of these doubts can put you in a negative frame of mind which can be disastrous. So, what should you do?

Realise that your doubts all come from what you imagine might happen. At this stage, you do not KNOW what will happen. Therefore your doubts are purely a product of your imagination.

The good news is that if your imagination can create negative outcomes it can equally create positive outcomes. Your task is to visualise exactly what success will look like and how you will enjoy your success. Make a success vision in our mind – make it a big vision – make it colourful – add a lively soundtrack. Imagine the benefits that will flow to you when your vision becomes your reality. Keep embellishing your positive vision until it fills your mind and makes you feel excited.

Just be sure to keep your vision real. Don’t allow your imagination to sidetrack you into a world of fantasy. That will steal your energy.

I have noticed that millionaires act as ambassadors for their products of services. Their eyes light up when you ask them, “what do you do?” Their excitement becomes contagious when they talk about their brand. Practice talking about what you are doing in that same “mad enthusiast” way.

How Do I Create My Personal Millionaires Success Roadmap?

  1. Fix in your mind a vision of what your ultimate success will look like.
  2. Ask yourself: “What have I got to DO to make this vision my reality?” Then write down a step by step plan that starts today and finishes with your vision accomplished. Start each step with the word, “By”. E.g. Vision: I will become a movie star. Plan: By attending acting school, By appointing an agent to find me work. By living in Hollywood. Etc, etc.
  3. Do it. Start today. Never stop until your vision becomes your reality.

It’s your turn now. You know what you have to do. Go for it!

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