Play Better Golf in Only 30 Days Without Practice

This is the story of how I managed to lower my handicap by 3 shots in 30 days.


When I decided to make a concerted effort to really improve my golf I laid down five foundations. 

  1. I set myself a goal: My golf swing is; “one full, smooth, flowing motion without mental or physical interruption.” (Thank you Alex Morrison for this description.)
  1. I will model a great golf swing using NLP modelling techniques. I will then develop a Mind Movie of my new swing to print it on my muscle memory.
  1. I will develop a Zen-like state of mind when playing golf that does not allow for mental interruption and overrides tension and impatience. 
  1. I will remain motivated forever to play golf this way.

 5.  I set myself a time limit of 30 days to achieve my goal.

Less than 30 days later, in a competition open to all members of my golf club, regardless of age or handicap and played from the very back tees of our Championship golf course, I scored 42 Stableford points and won the cup. My handicap was chopped by 2 shots with a further 0.5 shots for “exceptional play”! 

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