Quora Makes Writing Easy

What I love about Quora is that all human life is there in the form of the questions that users post.

All I have to do is find questions that interest me and write answers. After just 8 days on Quora she even suggests questions that I might like to answer.

There’s more for the apprentice writer.

  1. I have found it easy to find questions that require answers that I feel qualified to write about.
  2. Many of the other answers on Quora are too short to be meaningful. By writing a bit more I feel that I can give the question asker better value.
  3. I also hope that Quora’s algorithm will notice the areas of my answers and push my answers higher up their lists.
  4. The answer I posted 9 minutes ago already has 10 views. This is encouraging. Quora is already positioning my answer in third spot out of 37 answers to a specific question. Does this mean the algorithm already recognises me? I have only been on Quora for 8 days but I have posted every day.
  5. Quora’s stats are awesome. In my 8 days I have accumulated 704 views, 1 uplift, and 1 share. My best answer has 253 views I find it very motivating to be noticed.
  6. I suspect that the time of day when I publish makes a difference. It seems that the earlier in the day I publish the better my articles are received. I will need to mine the data more to check the veracity of this statement.
  7. Most of the answers given on Quora tend to be very right brain, they “talk at” the questioner in a somewhat “bossy” voice.
  8. There are very few stories on Quora. I note that my best performing answer is a story drawn from personal experience.
  9. I notice that one answer to a question to which I also responded had 223 uplifts. The writer had been on Quora for 5 years and has posted a lot of answers. It seems that volume matters. I suspect that volume of response is one of the factors that the algorithm picks up on.
  10. I still have not been able to decipher whether it is better to answer questions with few answers or to join the crowd and answer questions with many answers. At the moment I favour the questions with many answers because I feel that they are attracting eyeballs. More data mining needed.

The key points that I love about Quora are:

  1. It makes writing answers easy. At the same time it is teaching me the value of finding questions that pain people and writing articles that suggest ways of alleviating pain.
  2. Quora’s stats are easy to mine and tell me what answer/subjects gain viewers for me.
  3. Quora’s algorithm seems to already be helping me to build an audience. I am hoping it will also help me discover my category.

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