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Welcome to The Zen Golf Club.

Take advantage of your FREE 30-day, no obligation trial membership, today and start the 30-Day Play Better Golf Without Practice Challenge.

The Aim of the 30-Day Play Better Golf Without Practice Challenge is to help you develop an accurate, powerful and consistent golf swing. A swing that the famous teacher Alex Morrison described as: “One full, smooth flowing motion without mental or physical interruption.”

  1. On joining you will immediately receive a 9-page e-book entitled Master The Art of NLP Modelling to Play Better Golf. The book tells you how I modelled the swing of a champion golfer and how you too can model the swing of your chosen champion to play better golf without going to the practice range. The book will show you how to break yourself of old, bad swing habits and develop new excellent swing habits. You will be introduced to the Fast Learning Phase of developing your new, excellent golf swing.
  2. During the four weeks of your Challenge you will receive daily e-mails to enhance your understanding of how to develop your Motor Modules using Muscle Memory Mind Movies so that you develop a strong golfer’s mind. These emails will also help you to remain motivated.
  3. Throughout your free trial period you will be learning how to develop your golf swing using mental rehearsal during odd free moments during your day.
  4. After a few days of practicing modelling and developing the golf swing you desire you will start to receive details of how you can develop a Zen-like presence on the golf course. This will help you will calmness, reducing tension, positive thinking, determination and persistence.
  5. Plus, you will receive one month’s FREE membership of the Zen Golf Club Forum where you can discuss all matters relating to the mental side of golf with other golf enthusiasts.
  6. Plus, you will be notified whenever I give one of my live video chats about how to develop your mental strength on the golf course.

At the end of your 30-day FREE trial period you may cancel your subscription without any obligation or do nothing and you will automatically continue to receive Zen Golf Coaching on all aspects of how you can improve every aspect of your game by empowering your golfing mind.

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