7 Reasons the Internet Writing Course I am Studying is Enabling me to Make Money

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I have prospered as an Independent Personal Development Coach for 25 years by coaching leaders in large corporations like Dell, J&J, GM and Xerox to learn from the best

The amount I am earning as a student is not great yet, but by learning from the best, the floodgates are opening increasingly every day and I can see growth ahead.

One of the secrets that has allowed me to prosper as an independent personal development coach is that I have learned continuously from experts. I studied coaching with the great Gene Early. I became a master of near-linguistics at the feet of Richard Bandler one of the founders of NLP. And I learned marketing by working at the Leo Burnett advertising agency which started during the Great US Depression of the 1930s and today has 85 offices in 65 countries around the world.

To become successful at anything walk in the footsteps of giants.

Why it Pays You to Learn from Self-Taught Experts

Self-taught experts have skin in the game and this matters.

A self-taught expert has sweated over the hard miles to learn his craft. She has learned in the hard market of “Try-Feedback-Learn-Go again”. Therefore what they know has been stress tested. Learning by teaching yourself is expensive in time and money. This means that self-taught experts know how to get to the money honey-pot quickly. They simply could never afford the luxury of an academic approach.

Self-taught experts can show you the quick route to the gold mine.

Why Self-taught Experts Are the Best Teachers

Self-taught experts have a deep understanding of how internet writing works.

You may think that internet writing is just about the words. But the writing is only a small part of making money as an internet writer. There is much more that you need to know. The self-taught expert had to find out how to turn her craft into money. She will therefore not neglect to tell you everything that you need to master to make money as an internet writer.

Learning from a self-taught expert you will master the arts of both internet writing and how to write profitably.

After just one week I am starting to earn as an Internet Writer.

How To Find an Internet Writing Expert

The trick is to find a real expert who knows how to turn internet writing into money, not just an academic.

The way I found my expert, Nicolas Cole, was by reading a lot of articles about internet writing. As I identified each candidate I checked the data. I read Nicolas’s profile, “100M+ Views | 5x Author | Founder of Digital Press.” 100M views looked impressive. I dug further, “77,000 followers on Medium,” impressive. The more of his articles I read the greater the impression that, “here is someone who knows what he’s doing.”

When he showed me, in one of his articles, how much he earns, I was convinced.

How To Judge Whether an Expert is a Genuine Expert

The question is, “Do I believe him strongly enough to give him my money to teach me?”

The first point I found convincing about Nicolas Cole was the amount of valuable information that he shared in his articles. This clearly showed that he was indeed an expert. But did I trust him? Would I like him enough to want to listen to him for hours and hours of workshops? I watched a video of him talking to students on one of his courses. The guy exuded enthusiasm and a friendly personality. I found it really easy to listen to him and to absorb the knowledge he was imparting.

Questions to Help You Decide Whether it Will be Worth Your While Paying for Professional Tuition

You have to make your own decision, so what should you consider?

  1. Do you really love the writing process enough to want to do this as a way to make money? If you have never written before this is unlikely to be a good route for you.
  2. What would be a “good income” for you from Internet Writing? If you want regular, guaranteed income you are probably better off with an ordinary job. But, if you enjoy the challenges of bringing your ideas to life and learning every day as a way to make money, then this course is truly stimulating, interesting, and rewarding.
  3. Do you have enough time to study? On this course, every element is recorded and all the visual information is made available to you, so to some extent, you can study at your leisure.
  4. How do you normally make important decisions? Personally, I load up on information to help my judgement. To find out more about how this course will help you make money as an internet writer – simply click this link.

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