What it Means to be True to Yourself

I learned to be true to myself when I started to behave like my natural self. I made up my mind to be the person I thought I ought to be. I stopped listening to others telling me how I should be. I thought I had been brought up and educated to be a certain type of person. But trying to be that type of person was unnatural, it was stressing me out.

Everything changed when I started to improve my self understanding. I started to get clear about my opinions and why I thought them correct. I asked myself why I held certain beliefs and made certain that I truly believed them. I started to listen more to my “inner voice”, my intuition, and to follow its guidance.

Then I started to express myself honestly. I now say what I think and what I believe to be true.

Inscribed above the entrance to the Greek temple at Delphi are characters that translate as, “Know Thyself.”

In William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Polonius says “To thine own self be true.” Wise words.

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