Why am I so Scared of Everything

Your basic problem is with your imagination. It’s out of control.

You’ll be OK if you regain control of your imagination. Then you’ll be able to enjoy a really cool, happy and prosperous life.

What has happened is that by allowing your imagination to run free it has programmed itself to see the worst possible outcome in everything that happens.

Here’s what you can do to stop feeling so scared and start enjoying your life.

  1. Realise that your fears are caused by what you imagine might happen. I suggest you keep a diary and make a note of every time you feel afraid and what appears to be making you feel afraid.
  2. Read your diary every day, but read about what made you fearful a week ago. Ask yourself, “Did that actually happen?” You’ll be amazed how seldom something you were afraid of actually happens.
  3. Learn the lesson – Fear is caused by what you imagine might happen, but what I fear rarely does happen.
  4. Notice also that very often your fears are non-specific. You cannot actually see what you’re afraid of. When this happens you should make the effort to see what is really bugging you.
  5. Recognise the enormous power of your imagination. If it has to power to terrify you, but it also has the power to energise you to enjoy a wonderful life. The difference is simply that fear is negative and happiness is positive.
  6. Start to take charge of your imagination. It’s your imagination. You can control it. All that is required is that you make up your mind to be in control.
  7. Here’s what to do. Every time you feel scared take a close look at what you are actually afraid of. Then ask yourself, “what is the exact opposite of this negative outcome that is scaring me?”
  8. Make a picture in your mind of the positive, happy outcome that you desire. Make the picture really big. Make it colourful. Add music and joyous sounds, like applause.
  9. Focus all of your attention on your positive picture. Allow yourself to feel the positive feelings like happiness, confidence and enthusiasm.
  10. This will work. It will stop you being “scared of everything.” But it will only work if you DO it. And you have to do it over a period of serveral weeks. When you do this constantly you will reprogramme your mind to allow you to feel joyous about everything.

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