Online Support Groups

Online Support Groups

Online Support Groups

Generate The Income to Create The Life You Want

Online Support Groups will support and help you to make sure that your plan to Create The Life You Want works. Being a member of a group will provide you with the help and practical support you need to ensure that you achieve your goal of creating the life you want.

These groups are for people who have attended either the “Get Going” 1-Day  Workshop or who have attended the “The Experience” Camp in India.

After you have been to a workshop and tried a few things you may find yourself a bit stuck, anxious or unsure of what to do next. In your online support group you will work directly with the inventor of the Create The Life You Want process, David Ferrers. Together with David and other people who are on similar journeys to yours you will find the resources and motivation you need to create the life you want.

Your group will meet online for one hour in the evening, at 7.30 pm GMT or BST, every week for ten months or even longer if that’s what you need to create the life you want.

Q. Why do I need a support group?

A. By the end of a workshop you will be fired up, excited about your new life and your plan for creating that life. However, when you return to your “everyday life,” doubt can set in, anxiety and uncertainty about what to do can make you lose motivation. You can feel “stuck”. Then it can feel safer to do nothing and just enjoy the dream. This is when a support group can keep you going and help ensure that you make your dream come true.

A. Seeing others turning their dreams into reality will reinforce your determination to make your own dream come true.

A. Helping the others in your group will develop your own creativity and positive way of thinking.

A. Your support group will give you the feeling that you are OK and what you are doing is OK. It’s just that it’s something new and you don’t quite know how you should feel and what you should do. “Everyone else seems to be doing well and I feel a bit inadequate, a bit lost.” At times like these it is great to have your support group’s encouragement and help.

Support groups only have one purpose to ensure that you are equipped with the tools, the motivation and the security to create the life you want.

Membership of a group only costs £48.00 a month.

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New groups start approximately every two weeks.