You Will Be Inspired to Play Winning Golf

Inspiration is the power that allows you to stand on the first tee feeling full of energy and enthusiasm for the game ahead. That’s the easy bit. The truly inspired golfer is using their inspiration to focus their mind on creating positive thoughts, they’re calming their nerves, generating a good feel for their swing and visualising the flight of their ball as it travels its long, straight path to their target.

Inspiration is the feeling that enables you to enjoy your round of golf. It is the power that enables you to play at a higher level.

You will learn to feel inspired to play winning golf when you join the Silver Golfers’ Community. As a Member you will receive a weekly golf lesson plus a Course and Self Management Letter via email each week.

Everything possible will be done to help you to play as you would love to play and to enjoy your golf.

Take up your free trial membershipright now and learn how to inspire yourself to become a top silver golfer.

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