You Will Find The Right Career When You Find a Way to Express Yourself

If you try to be what someone else wants you to be and it doesn’t feel right you will never release your best self.

Abraham Maslow, the American psychologist said, “For a man to be happy he must become what he can become.”

The challenge is to find out what you can become.

Your talent is likely to reveal itself in what you enjoy doing.

It will help you to notice your moods. When you feel down or depressed or anxious it is an indication that you are not enjoying yourself. On the other hand if you feel happy, lively, and full of enthusiasm it’s because you are enjoying yourself.

Whenever you feel happy, lively, and enthusiastic make a note of what you are doing.

Later ask yourself: “what skills or abilities was I useing when I was feeling happy?” These may not seem valuable at first, but write them down anyway. Any item on your list could open the door to other hidden skills and abilities.

Janet loved going to parties. She had always considered herself a bit frivolous. But when she made notes of what she enjoyed about parties she wrote: “I love being with people.” “I love interesting conversations.” “I love good food.”

Later she asked herself: “what sort of conversations are interesting to me?” She noticed that she had a rather morbid interest in other people’s illnesses.

She started to research online about different illnesses. As she researched she made notes. Her notes turned into articles. She offered one of her articles to an online publisher. The article was published and she got paid. It was the start of a new career as a Health Journalist.

The skills you need for discovering your talent are: self-observation, self-questioning and self-expression. You should start doing all three right now. I use the Voice Memos on my iPhone to make notes.

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