I Help Drifters Find Direction, Purpose, and Meaning in Their Lives Because 25 Years Ago I Was Drifting Aimlessly Through Life Myself and Then I Found What Was Meaningful for Me

If you’re fed up with feeling stressed or frustrated I’m here to help.

Iinvented the Life Pilot process to help you move your life from aimless drifting to accomplishing what is meaningful and fulfilling for you.

The Life Piloting process will help you find solutions to any problem.It was originally developed specifically to help clients overcome career frutrations. Over the years it has proved beneficial in many other situations.

The Life Piloting process starts when you develop a crystal clear definitiion of the problem you are facing. This vital first step is much easier said than done.


Let’s push open the door and step inside your mind. There’s a hallway in front of us. On the left is a door marked,


We go through the door into a large, brightly lit room. The room has five wide-open windows labeled, Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, and Smell. Curiosity is using these senses to feed you with information from the world around you. In a minute we will see what you do with this information.

Curiosity is also prompting you to question and learn throughout your life. Learning is the key to finding out how to do anything. It’s how you make progress in life. Most successful people invest time and resources in learning.

Let’s go back, cross the corridor and enter another room in your mind that’s labeled


Memory is where Curiosity first sends all the information gathered by your senses. Memory analyses all new information by interrogating its Behavior Library. Curiosity asks, “Have I encountered this before? If so, what did I do last time?” If the Behavior Library finds that you have encountered the situation previously it will tell you what you did last time and the likelihood is that you will repeat the same course of action. This is how habits and autopilot behaviors develop. And why you don’t have to think about how to clean your teeth or drive your car. Whenever possible Memory will prompt you to do what you did last time.

Habits and autopilot are sometimes inhibitors. You have habits that tell you not to do things. These negative habits can be useful when they stop you from jumping off roofs, drinking too much alcohol, or putting your hand into a fire. But they can be detrimental when you have a habit of telling lies or fearing authority figures.

One of your most important life skills is to develop positive behavior habits like feeling confident, enjoying your work, being kind, thinking before you act, and listening to feedback.

When your Memory has no record of how you have previously dealt with a situation you will need to work out what to do. We will come to how you do that in another room.

Memory is also the home of your Information Library. It’s the storeroom for all the information you gather during your lifetime. Here are all the names, dates, events, books, directions, maps, how-tos, and other information you have memorized, all neatly bundled together with any feelings associated with each memory.

Let’s leave your Memory for a moment and explore a neighboring room whose door is labeled,


Your Imagination is where you develop and store your mental pictures of yourself and the world around you. It is where you develop and hold your self-image and your pictures of how you think the world should be.

You develop your fears and anxieties in your Imagination and amplify them with your feelings. When you experience fear or anxiety you are constantly playing a game of to-and-fro between your imagination and your feelings. You constantly amplify the picture of what you fear to stimulate your feeling of fear and then, as your fear feeling becomes stronger, you grow the picture of what you fear.

This same to-and-fro game happens when you are feeling happy or in love – you feel and imagine, imagine and feel.

It is also in your Imagination that you visualize what you want, need, and desire. You have a powerful ability to crystalize your wants, needs, and desires into images or sounds that make them highly attractive. When you set yourself a goal with an attractive image and a powerful feeling it has a strong motivating effect on your being. Successful people fill their minds with images of their goals and color them with strong feelings that impel them to reach their destinations.

The trick to achieving what you want, and to make your dreams come true is to create a picture of your goal that fills every corner of your mind and to associate it with such strong feelings of desire that there is no room for doubt or anxiety to creep in and prevent you from achieving your goal.

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