About Mind Mastery Coach David Ferrers

David became a full-time professional Mind Mastery Coach back in the mid-nineties. He does much of his work for large, multi-national corporations in the UK and USA.

David developed and perfected the Mind Mastery concept whilst working with Directors and VPs. Mind Mastery is a results directed method of thinking, feeling and acting for people who want to be creative, those who want to surpass the ordinary.

Mind Mastery releases your thoughts and feelings from all restrictions so that you are at your natural best.

He also writes about and runs workshops internationally to enable people to better understand themselves, their abilities, and their strengths so that they can become the best they can possibly be.

Corporate clients


David began his professional life working in Advertising Agencies in London and Asia. He rose to become a senior executive at BBDO and Leo Burnett. He also started and grew a marketing consultancy in the UK.


David specialises in enabling clients to understand themselves. The aim is to realise your true identity, your uniqueness. Once you really know your strengths it becomes much easier to express yourself with confidence. This is the key to developing each client’s unique style. He is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner. He reads widely about psychology, leadership, the human spirit, and business topics.

Working Method

Ninety per cent of David’s work is one to one with his clients either face to face or via video conferencing. He writes extensively. He also runs occasional Mind Management workshops for people interested in finding their unique path in life. The aim is to create change that leads to a more fulfilling, prosperous, and happy life.


David lives in an old coach house on a farm in the county of Kent in the UK with his wife Sally, their dogs Tommy and Jem, a horse and two rescued pigmy goats.