What Clients Say About Coach David

Here is what some of my clients have said about me on LinkedIn. My aim is to help you enjoy a similar experience.

Astute and Exceptionally Motivating Coach

David is a most astute and exceptionally motivating coach with great personal and professional integrity. For somebody with such depth of experience, he is remarkable in his continuing quest for learning and improvement, whether it’s sport, business or leading a balanced life. He works skilfully with many different types of people, and encourages them to find their potential with their own formula. The support he provides always exceeds what one can reasonably expect. The initiative he recently took to set up a service to support executives hit by the economic downturn shows imagination and compassion.

Lucian Hudson, Director of Communications, The Open University;

A Wise Guide

I was lucky enough to take a series of coaching sessions with David during a challenging time in my current role. My aim going in was to develop my executive leadership skills but we ended up going much further. It was an opportunity to reflect not only on how I work but how I live and David was the perfect guide for this journey. I have worked with other executive coaches, one of whom was very helpful, but none have had the impact that David has had – several months after our sessions were completed I can honestly say that I’m living and working with clearer purpose and greater satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending David as a coach whether you’re progressing as an executive leader or facing other challenges that might benefit from a wise guide.

Andrew Merryweather, VP UX @ Elsevier

Growing at a Phenomenal Rate

A massive thank you for the work you have done with me thus far. We are still growing at a phenomenal rate, and the stress would have bogged me down before I met you, but now I have learned to view things differently, and also to be myself rather than a dictator is an enormous help. THANK YOU.

Jamie Smith-Thompson, MD, Portal Financial

A Joy to be With and to Learn From

I’ve worked with David in the context of his NLP coaching and training and I am deeply impressed with the level of humility combined with deep competence that he brings to his work. Not only is he excellent at using the combination of his business acumen and his NLP skills, he has a sensitivity to simultaneously learn while creating the conditions for profound learning of others. The other characteristic which stands out for me is the wisdom which he brings to each encounter and which he whole-heartedly shares. He is a joy to be with and to learn from.

Gene Early, partner, Leaders Quest

A Fantastic Coach

David is a fantastic coach. If you want someone to make you and your managers think, to really make a difference, look no further.

Oliver Burns, VP Engineering, Triple 13

Made a significant impact to my personal and professional development

Having David as a coach has made a significant impact to my personal and professional development. His thoughtful, sincere and inspiring attitude enabled me to change the way I think and my approach to situations I previously found daunting. His gentle yet determined methods meant that I have progressed significantly more than I expected. Working with David was interesting, rewarding and always enjoyable. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for guidance in their professional development. He also managed to improve my skiing technique too.

Jane Sutton, Director, Strategy and Development at Reed Business Information

David Will Help You Find the Answers Inside Yourself

Before David became my coach, I was quite cynical about coaching. Now I realise the true value. As a coach, David has the life experience, knowledge, empathy and understanding to listen, guide and mentor. You have the answers inside yourself. David will help you to find them.

Andy Proyer, Actor, was David’s client

I Feel Much More Confident and Driven

I have taken onboard a lot of what I learned with David on a personal and work level. It has helped me make decisions that I previously found difficult to make. I have a more positive apporoach to things and feel so much more confident and driven. I have had two new starters this week, which is going well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful course and for showing me that I CAN do what I set my mind to do!

Mary Crammond, Case Liaison Officer, Portal Financial

Always Positive and Supportive

David’s coaching has fundamentally changed the way I think, and therefor act.

As a senior manager, communication is integral to my personal and commercial success. David’s coaching has developed and fine-tuned my communication skills to give me confidence in small or large groups, from hosting large team meetings to delivering international board presentations.

In addition to helping me build confidence through better self awareness, he has shown me how to comprehend other’s motivations and drivers as well. Through our coaching sessions and his blog, I have now learned how to do more than just listen: I can really understand what people mean. This makes me extremely effective in day-to-day situations especially in managing conflict or finding resolutions.

I appreciate David’s sincere and open style. Although I’m an extremely private person, his relaxed self confidence put me at ease from the start. This was crucial else I might not have benefitted from the coaching at all. He doesn’t let me get away with anything, yet he’s always positive and supportive which sets a great example for a young professional.

David is responsive to my needs: our coaching programme doesn’t always go according to plan as he often helps me through a challenging week. Having that sympathetic yet stern confidant is a priceless competitive advantage in the business environment.

Recently I attended one of his day-long workshops and I learned techniques which I could implement the very next day to stunning effect. From little tricks like breaking state to big things like setting well-formed outcomes, his coaching has really taken me from competent professional to confident executive.

I strongly recommend David as a coach.

Tom Van Aardt, Executive VP, Accuity

My Professional Development has Progressed Significantly

I was initially fairly sceptical about the benefits of coaching programmes but that was before I started my sessions with David. Three months in, I couldn’t recommend it more.

For me, the real value of the sessions with David has been a much clearer understanding of my behaviours, motivations and strengths which, in turn, has made a huge difference to my outlook and approach. As a consequence, my professional development has progressed significantly and I feel that I have gained valuable knowledge that will assist me in both my personal and professional life.

David draws on deep personal and professional experience to provide unerringly insightful analysis and advice always delivered in a thoughtful, friendly and informal manner, which only serves to magnify the value of his input. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for guidance and support in their professional career.

Matt Bye, CTO, Sedex

Find Your Inner Confidence

Would you like to find your inner confidence, self awareness, behavioural traits, and exploit all of these and exude positivity and earn respect and authority? If the answer is yes then I would suggest that you book up some coaching sessions with David Ferrers. Sceptical? Yes I was one of those people that thought yes I know all of this and am doing it. Well think again, David is more than a coach, but a liberator of thought and has the power and deep insight into encouraging you to believe in yourself and make your own destiny by changing how you view yourself and are viewed by others.

It’s evident that David cares about people and their progression in life and works tirelessly to unearth the inner you by ways of persuasive questioning techniques coupled with wit and a likeability factor that makes the whole process an enjoyable experience. I know that I’ve developed in the time that I’ve been working with David and know that he can continue to teach and coach me into re-evaluating what’s important to me and others and arm me with the skills to be the best Manager, mentor, colleague, person I can be. I know that I can look back on this experience and will confidently say that he has made a positive difference to my development.

Claire Boeje, Head of Ad Sales Systems and Data

Universally Positive Feedback and Improved Performance

David is an excellent leadership coach whose tailored, and confidential, approach resulted in universally positive feedback and improved performance from those who participated in this program.

Nigel Sterndale, CIO, Total Jobs Group

Greater Confidence in my Existing Strengths

David is a very sincere person of great generosity and depth. It is clear that for him coaching is a passionate vocation and that he takes great personal motivation from supporting and developing those with whom he collaborates.

I received coaching from David for 12 months a new experience for me. During my time with David I learnt to greatly value the reflexive view that he could offer me on my own motivations and behaviours helping me to understand the impact I have upon others, to place greater confidence in my existing strengths and to find the subtle adjustments that could open up improved relationships with colleagues at all levels.

Aside from his acute understanding of mind and behaviour, David is in himself an inspiring and deeply interesting person. An author, entrepreneur, leader and man of countless other histories, he is able to blend theory with a rich human experience. September 15, 2011

Iain Lennon, CPO, Zyte

Valuable and Extremely Rewarding

Throughout the 12 months I worked with David the time was both valuable and extremely rewarding. I found David was able to provide an impartial perspective to my role in a large organisation and allowed me to view both myself and the environment I worked in from an outside perspective. This has ultimately allowed me to enhance my personal delivery, work ethic and approach towards others in business.

David’s experience in business and his knowledge of behavioural attributes allow him to provide excellent advice and coaching. I would be happy to recommend David to others looking for support in career development and realising their potential to succeed.

Chris Fosberry hired David as a Business Coach

A Very Positive Impact on the People he has Worked with Here

I would highly recommend David as a leadership coach. He has had a very positive impact on the people he has worked with here. He has a gentle but challenging approach that drives constructive self insight leading to improved performance.

James Cahill, CTO, Total Jobs Group

The Best Money Spent of Any Training I’ve Had

I wasn’t sure what to expect from coaching before my first session with David. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it was aimed at improving me, as a rounded person, working in a management position, rather than turning me into a more efficient machine for the company. I know now that the latter is an output of the former, but you get so much more with it. It’s really made the biggest difference to my outlook, and in my opinion, has been the best money spent on any training I’ve had. Give him a go, you won’t regret it!

Chris Loveless, Director of Engineering, Chemistry Solutions, Elsevier

Helped Me to Actively Develop My Confidence, Communication and Leadership Skills

My recent Business coaching sessions with David have been a real eye opener. There’s something cathartic about being able to talk about your personal development in a confidential way with someone as wise and experienced as David.

Over the last 2 months, I feel I have made significant advances in professional life (and personal too). Amongst other things, David has helped me to actively develop my confidence, communication and leadership skills.

Another outcome of my time with David is that I now have a personal development backlog of personal projects which really helps in my commitment to continuous personal improvement.

David, thanks for all of your help, and I’m really looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Neil Tranter, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Teacher

He Enables You to Get Results

I first met David when I attended one of his seminars shortly after I started my own business. A couple of years ago I started working with him as part of a group coaching session. In that time I’ve enjoyed each of our weekly sessions immensely. He’s able to challenge, motivate and inspire and has a wealth of information and experience to draw on, which he happily passes on. He’s also incredibly helpful and always passing on information and ideas for me to work with between sessions.

I’d highly recommend working with David. His approach is gentle, yet challenging and he enables you to get results. I certainly wouldn’t have achieved as much as I have in the last year without his help.

Clare Evans, author of Time Management For Dummies, hired David as a Business Consultant

Really Motivates One to Crack on and Achieve One’s Goals

David provides a fantastic service. He offers really useful advice and helps devise strategies to achieve the best results.

He not only advises on business issues, but also helps with one’s whole situation, self-esteem, family relationships, etc.

He is always available with great advice and encouragement and really motivates one to crack on and achieve one’s goals.

Kevin Duck, Sales Manager, Hiber Gene Diagnostics

David Has Made a Real Impact on my Life and Career Situation

David’s knowledge and insight of people, business and what makes the world go round is very impressive but even more impressive is how he is able to relate it to your challenges and goals. Sometimes these comments can appear overstated but David has made real impact on my life and career situation. Despite not really knowing what to expect from making contact with David it is one of the best decisions I have made. I would encourage you all to have a chat with him.

Chris Moore hired David as a Career Coach

A Life Changing Experience For Me

Without wanting to sound melodramatic, David’s coaching was a life changing experience for me which has produced profound effects in both my work and personal life. David understands people very well, particularly the workings of the human mind, and is able to explain your emotions and help you control them whilst giving you the confidence and direction to achieve your goals.

Bob Stark, Commercial Director, Portafina Financial Services

Fantastic Insight Into How People Work

I worked with David over several months when he came in as a management coach. The sessions I had with David were very enjoyable and enlightening. I really looked forward to the sessions He has a fantastic insight into how people work and this has really helped me in my role.

Peter Dean-Osgood hired David as a Business Coach in 2006, and hired David more than once

His Expertise is Both Subtle and Deep

David coached me over a change in role, and in half a dozen sessions helped me to address poor thinking habits, correct weak presentation, and to focus on becoming a great leader. His expertise is both subtle and deep.

Rick Wallis was David’s Manager Development Coaching client

Left me Feeling Uplifted and Re-energised

I have thoroughly appreciated David’s encouragement, thoughtfulness, generosity, wisdom, kindness and astuteness. David has helped me be clearer about my direction and grasp new opportunities. Working with him has left me feeling uplifted and re-energised. He has the ability to see things from a perspective that is thought provoking and refreshing. Thank you David.

Gale Vincent was David’s client